Bethenny Frankel’s “Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast” Recipe: A Review

Bethenny Frankel’s Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast is a simple healthy way to break up the breakfast menu monotony using items you probably already have in your kitchen pantry. Last week I picked out a couple of recipes I wanted to try off of Bethenny Frankel’s website, one of them was an incredibly quick and healthy breakfast recipe called HealthyBrown Rice Breakfast. Though I do love rice, when I saw the recipe title I wondered where Frankel was going to go with that because other than the occasional leftover fried rice from the previous night’s Chinese dinner, I can’t think of many breakfast recipes that incorporate brown rice. Intrigued, I copied the recipe and planned to give it a try.

Bethenny FrankelBethenny Frankel’s Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast: The Recipe


Half cup brown rice
Quarter cup soy milk
Half teaspoon cinnamon
One tablespoon dried cranberries or raisins
One teaspoon sliced almonds
One tablespoon maple syrup

Combine all of the above ingredients into a pan and heat over medium heat.

Bethenny Frankel’s HealthyBrown Rice Breakfast: My Variation on the Recipe

Since I didn’t have maple syrup or sliced almonds, I substituted regular pancake syrup (not as healthy but will work in a pinch) for the maple syrup and a few nut and oat clusters from my granola cereal for the sliced almonds. I didn’t follow the measurements on the ingredients except for the soy milk, eyeballing it seemed to work just fine on this simple recipe.

Bethenny Frankel’s HealthyBrown Rice Breakfast: Taste Test

I absolutely loved the idea of this easy recipe and loved the taste even more; it was soft, warm, and cinnamon spiced with a touch of sweet from the syrup and cranberries. Frankel’s Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast is a great twist to the standard breakfast oatmeal and would provide a perfect winter weather breakfast, though it is still quite tasty even in hot summer months. I give this recipe five out of five stars.

If you feel like your breakfasts are getting a bit dull and tedious or would just like a new healthy and yummy recipe, give Frankel’s Healthy Brown Rice Breakfast a try.

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